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GeoSpatial World 2001

Adena Schutzberg

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Day 2: Monday June 18, 2001

The user attendance is said to be about 500 with another 300 or so vendor and Intergraph personnel. The day began with introductory words from Jim Taylor, Intergraph CEO.

The New Intergraph: Focused on Success

Jim Taylor began his address by recalling the past: the new plan for five businesses with five user groups announced at last IGUG. "I knew it could be done and I'm here to say I told you so," he said of the company's new focus and structure.

He looked back a bit further with some unflinching statistics: Intergraph was profitable for 23 years, had losses for seven, and then returned to profitability last year ($10 million). Revenue reached $1b in 1990 (Autodesk is still looking for that!). Intergraph is now totally out of hardware, selling only software and services these days. The new structure greatly simplifies things, he suggested. And, that perhaps is what the new plan is about simplification.

The "restructuring" is really a new Intergraph. Existing hardware dropped annual revenue by $350 million. The company sold off assets, and completed a worldwide downsizing in past year plus. Five divisions are now profit and loss centers and take responsibility for their own success or failure.

The company overall is looking for $585 million in revenue for a $24.5 million profit this year. There is a plan to sell Middle East operation in favor of a distributor. IMGS, the division hosting this conference, expects $140 million in revenue. IMGS led in profitability for Q1 at about $3.5 million profit.

Mapping is the oldest Intergraph business, but the newest "vertical." Their strengths, Taylor pointed out are in the "high end" central, federal, state, mapping agencies, defense. As for IntelliWhere, the division of IMGS built on new mobile hardware and GeoMedia core, Taylor stood firm: "It is not futuristic, it is here today."

Taylor was frank, dispassionate and confident. His manner helped make it clear that this is a new Intergraph: one with a clear plan, a trim physique and a good quarter behind it.