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Env. Mgmt. Discussion

  1. Using GIS for Environmental Management of Multiple Facilities � Christopher Keyworth and Melissa Healey, Pollution Engineering, Aug 1996

  2. ESRI Enviromental Management Page - outlines application of GIS to the environment

  3. GPS/GIS in Natural Resources - from Trimble

  4. Geographic Information Systems for the Cape Cod National Seashore - Susan Bernstein 

  5. Conserving Ecosystems in India - P S Roy and Shirish Ravan,GeoAsiaPacific, Feb/March 2000

  6. GIS Helps Return Sewage Sludge to Soils Where Nutrients Can Be Recycled - Mark Francek, Jeffrey Klopcic and Roy Klopcic, GeoWorld, Apr 1999

  7. Protecting Africas Protected - Kevin Corbley, GEOEurope, May 1999

  8. Slick Sensing: Monitoring Oil Spills with Satellite Imagery - Andrea Petrocchi, GeoSpatial Solutions, May 2000

  9. On Safari with GIS - Simon Jennings, GeoEurope, Dec 2000


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