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  1. ESRI Forestry Industry Homepage � overview

  2. How to Create a Forest/Tree Geographic Information System - Dr. Steve Ventura, Associate Professor, and Glen Barry, Research Assistant, 1997

  3. GIS and Forestry- Karisa Kane

  4. GIS in Urban Land Use - Jared Andre and Scott Courtright, The Journal of The Society of Municipal Arborists, May/June 1998

  5. Seeing the (Olive) Tress from the Wood - Using GIS in Europe for Olive Tree Identification - Steve Peedell, Simon Kay and Giovanna Giardino, ESRI User Conf., 1998

  6. Visualize Realistic Landscapes: 3-D Modeling Helps GIS Users Envision Natural Resources - Joseph K. Berry, David J. Buckley and Craig Ulbricht, GISWorld, Aug 1998.

  7. Implementing a GIS to Manage Urban Forestry Assets for Communities of Various Sizes - L. Andrew Franke, ESRI User Conf., 1997

  8. GIS in Forest Enterprise - Lili Eylon, GISVision, Oct 2000

  9. GIS and Wildfires - Rj Zimmer, Professional Surveyor, Dec 2000




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