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ESRI Discussion

  1. ESRI Discussion Forums � organized by product, most are open to everyone, a few other special topics have their own forum

  2. comp.soft-sys.esri � newsgroup discussing any and all ESRI products

  3. Independent ArcView Mailing List - unmoderated, from Bill Huber, content mirrored at Directions Magazine

  4. ESRI Industry User Groups - many industries have email discussion groups

  5. ArcView-L - ESRI hosted list, mirrored at Directions Magazine

  6. ESRI-L  - ESRI hosted list for non-AV products, mirrored at Directions Magazine 
  7. comp.infosystems.gis � general GIS newsgroup

  8. SpatialNews discussion list - general discussion list, content mirrored at Directions Magazine

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