How to come up with linguistics dissertation ideas not reading professional literature

Academic writing entails putting down ideas into text. There are specific rues you must not neglect. Linguistics dissertations have a long history and have been used to gather research findings that help in solving real-time language problems in the society. The following is a list of 10 areas to explore when seeking a good topic on linguistics.

  1. Linguistic theories
    The number of theories in this field is countless. As long as you have the willpower to delve deep into the concepts and development of any one of them, you are sure to come up with a great topic. This area is worth exploring for a thesis project.
  2. Tones and dialects
    You can evaluate how these two features of language change overtime and give relevant examples.
  3. Ethno linguistic identity
    There are numerous ways you can study this area. Looking at the past researches, you can take a twist on one of them and make relationships of such studies with language development.
  4. Grammatical tenets
    An assessment of various principles of grammar can make a good dissertation. You might want to exhaust such subjects as systematic grammar, functional grammar, or reference grammar.
  5. Masculine communication
    Make an investigation on how men communicate differently in the presence of ladies.
  6. Accents
    Talk of how language accents form stereotypes through perverted notions. Use a case study of a particular community and its culture.
  7. Speed analysis
    This is an interesting area of study where you can focus on rhetoric. In such a case study, you may make a comparison of various ways in which people use metaphor to captivate the audience. Give an example of an influential person like the president of a nation delivering a speech to the civilians in political campaigns.

Essentially, linguistic studies involve scrutiny of developments of language and it extends to such areas as mass communication and origin of cultural languages. So, students pursuing this course need to understand that the field is broad and generating a good topic would require some thorough research on real facts. There is a need for comprehensive research so that you don’t end up being guilty of plagiarism.