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-Remote Sensing Data Licensing Key to Market
-GIS Technology Awards
-San Jose Receives Web Award for Permitting System
-MapInfo Move Signals Expansion
-Letters to the Editor
-Week in Review


The ability of data vendors to resell data to many end-users will drive the market, according to Frost and Sullivan, a marketing consulting firm. The market for remotely sensed data reached $1.35 billion in 2000 with F&S; predicting $2.26 billion by 2006.

Terrapoint is doing just that. If they capture data for an area and the purchaser agrees to let Terrapoint retain rights, the price goes down. This is a great way to bring costs down and make more data available.


Frost and Sullivan also announced their 2000 Marketing Engineering Awards, recognizing companies "that have worked hard to make a positive contribution to the North American commercial remote sensing data end user industry."

And the winners are:

-Brand Awareness Development: Geographic Data Technologies (sic)
-Business Development Strategy: Orbimage
-Product Innovation Award to ESRI.

Alas, there were no details from F&S; regarding which brand, strategy or product won for the companies.


The city of San Jose's new online permitting system earned it a "Best of Web" award by Government Technology Magazine. The permitting system, however, is the front end of a larger GIS project that will use GeoMedia Web Map technology in future implementations. Currently, maps and GIS are both quite conspicuous in their absence. Still, congrats to San Jose! (Although, we received this news from Intergraph, it wasn't clear what their involvement was with this project).

Also getting a lot of attention was MapInfo announcing that Michael Hickey, a five-year veteran has a new title, moving from VP of Operations, to executive VP of worldwide sales and marketing. Several other execs are part of a new Global Leadership Team, but retain existing responsibilities. The real news is hidden among all the titles: The company's stated goal is to become a $250 million firm. This is an ambitious goal for a the #3 GIS vendor. According to Daratach, MapInfo holds 6% market share compared to ESRI's 35% ESRI revenue for 1999 is estimated at $296M.


Intergraph contacted us to provide more detail on the new Intergraph focused lists.

"We have streamlined it to two lists and these two lists are the key lists we promote among our global geospatial users community.

"GeoMedia-L was launched in cooperation with Directions Magazine. It replaces our GeoTalk forum (previously Techie Talk). We chose this cooperative arrangement so our users would have an unmoderated forum hosted at a non-vendor site. The start up traffic has been very good with questions from around the globe. We're very pleased so far. It is technical in nature with primary focus on GeoMedia and MGE products.

"INGRList was the brainchild of the GeoCommunity. Their site is drawing many Intergraph users in the geospatial market. As you know, Intergraph and our affiliate, Z/I Imaging, has a rich history in the geotechnologies. This list is targeted at a broader audience. I have seen good activity for that list also. The INGRList by GeoCommunity also appeals to the geoengineering area (e.g. civil), photogrammetry, public safety etc. I think I've seen a few questions about plotters. Hardware could be a focus. Intergraph also offers products and solutions such as FRAMME for utilities, G/XXX solutions (G/Water), E911 systems, etc. This forum is also open to users in these areas.

"GeoTalk will be shut down as of Sept. 1st. We are about to post a message to all forum users and will find out if we can transfer the messages to the new forum. We will direct them to GeoMedia-L. GeoTalk was unmoderated. It was set up as a web-based forum and the only way you could track activity was by logging into the site. To enhance dialog among the community we chose the list serve route with daily emails or a digest option push to the desktop and a site that lists all the messages for viewing."

Editors note: As mentioned, the word went out of Aug 28 that GeoTalk would be shut down. Interestingly, there was no comment from posters, suggesting that perhaps it was time to do so. GeoMedia-L has steady posters, though many are responding to "digests" and reposting several past questions, when they respond. As for INGRLIST, traffic is steady, but so far as I've seen, there is no discussion about hardware.


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