MapInfo Introduces Discovery to Deliver the Power of Location Analysis Across the Enterprise

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First-of-its-kind Extension to MapInfo Professional Enables Users to Share Interactive Location Analysis Reports throughout the Organization

TROY, NY, May 13, 2002 - MapInfo Corporation (Nasdaq: MAPS) today announced the debut of MapInfo® Discovery, an enterprise-wide extension to MapInfo Professional®, the company´s flagship location-intelligence software solution. Discovery enables users to share interactive location analysis reports and maps for enhanced decision-making across the entire enterprise. For the first time, thousands of MapInfo Professional users worldwide can use Discovery to share interactive maps and location-analysis reports via the Internet or intranet, easily distributing mission-critical information into the hands of key decision-makers.

MapInfo Discovery leverages the power of both MapInfo Professional and the Web, enabling power users to more efficiently share information across an organization and is a simple, powerful product that makes location-based information an everyday business tool. MapInfo Discovery does not require programming or IT skills. It offers ease-of-deployment, which enables users to quickly install Discovery and begin publishing their work right out-of-the-box. A non-technical user, such as a sales manager, operations director or a regional executive, will now be able to easily access through a click on a URL in an email valuable location-based intelligence with Discovery. MapInfo Discovery is a stepping stone for organizations allowing them to experience the value of putting location perspective into the hands of many users and paves the way to the implementation of a powerful enterprise system.

"In most organizations, only a small number of users actually perform critical location analysis tasks to create reports and maps, which are typically shared throughout the organization via paper documents," said Michael Hickey, COO, MapInfo. "Discovery helps Professional users exchange business-critical maps and easy-to-grasp location analysis information across the entire enterprise, enabling organizations to make faster, more insightful business decisions."

Discovery acts like an online catalog for MapInfo Professional, bringing the power of location analysis to multiple departments in any organization through interactive maps and reports. For example, an insurance company can create maps/reports on fraud areas and use the Discovery catalog to share this information with its adjusters, helping them determine which cases need to be more heavily investigated. For the same insurance company, Discovery offers the power to share an entirely different set of maps, such as flood or fire areas, with another group of employees by putting up-to-date information in their hands.

With Discovery, users can view maps created with Professional via any Web browser with an html link. Each interactive map includes interactive tools that put additional, relevant information into the hands of decision-makers. For instance, shared maps include easy-to-use interactive features such as a sidebar menu where users can add comments that help explain the map or links to related documents. With the interactive features offered through Discovery, users can query maps, adjust criteria or data sets, turn layers on or off, and zoom in on specific areas. These features help different departments, regional offices, business units and executive management to make customizable adjustments to the reports and recognize hidden trends in the data. Discovery also offers a number of security features, ensuring that only designated personnel can interact with the shared reports.

Pricing and Availability

MapInfo Discovery will be available at the end of June 2002 for the price of $5,000 for a single processor computer. For more technical information, please visit.

About MapInfo´s Seminar Series

MapInfo is hosting a seminar series entitled, "Better Insights, Better Decisions," in 25 cities across the United States and Canada beginning May 14. Demonstrating solutions for trade area analysis, product potential analysis, site selection and territory optimization, these seminars will highlight how organizations are able to use location-intelligence to drive insightful decisions. Information about the "Better Insights, Better Decisions" seminars can be found here.

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