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July 2, 2002, Cambridge, UK - The GeoInformation Group announces the release of CR Connect, a new hosted on-line service bringing low cost access to Cities Revealed aerial photography. CR Connect is the first on-line facility providing UK aerial photography directly into a GIS with free-of-charge browsing and viewing capabilities.

CR Connect enables the user to browse and preview watermarked imagery for free within their GIS project and then download the full quality data via a subscription basis, only paying for the data that is required. It provides immediate access to the entire Cities Revealed archive containing 120 UK towns and cities of geo-referenced aerial photography available at 600 x 600 pixels down to 12.5cm resolution.

The main advantage that the service offers is that users can preview the imagery before they buy, access the latest available imagery within the Cities Revealed archive and receive imagery direct into their desktop GIS¾saving both time and money.

Whether a single user, a small department or an enterprise, CR Connect enhances any mapping project or presentation and is particularly ideal for Government agencies, Local Government departments and other GIS professionals seeking immediate on-line access to geo-referenced, high-resolution aerial photography.

Alun Jones, Commercial Director of The GeoInformation Group, comments "Our professional on-line solution and vast image library containing over 1.5 terrabytes of high-quality aerial photography will help to make our data even more accessible to professional users. Traditionally, data is often hard to find and expensive to acquire. CR Connect will help to alleviate these problems by simplifying the process of finding the most current and highest resolution imagery available on the market and dropping it straight into their GIS project therefore eliminating time, cost and hassle of locating an image and waiting for delivery".

After installing the CR Connect extension software, three buttons are added to the user's GIS toolbar. With one simple click, the aerial photography archive is automatically queried to determine whether imagery is available for the project area. The image will be downloaded directly into the project window enabling the user to zoom and pan the image until the desired location is found. The image can then be saved within the project complete with world file, tab file or similar geo-referenced file.

CR Connect has been created in partnership with Globexplorer, a leading technology company that distributes aerial photos via the Internet. The credibility of Globexplorer's high-speed proprietary technology coupled with The GeoInformation Group's renowned high resolution aerial imagery archive provides CR Connect users with the most flexible, low cost access to the best possible imagery on the market.

A trial version is available for free on-line and can be downloaded.

System Requirements

CR Connect runs on Windows 95/98, NT 4, Win2000, and XP platforms and requires an Internet connection, 56k modem or higher. The extension works with the following software: ESRI's ArcView 3.x or MapInfo Professional 4.5 or greater. New releases for other GIS applications are currently in development.

About the GeoInformation Group

The GeoInformation Group is a privately owned geospatial imagery company based in Cambridge, England with offices in South Africa and partners in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Japan.

The GeoInformation Group is one of Europe's leading providers of high-resolution ortho imagery products. Its aerial imagery products are published under the brand name Cities Revealed. Orthorectified aerial imagery is available on CD-ROM from over 250 cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Tokyo, Johannesburg and many other major urban centres across Europe and Africa.

It also provides mapping services for specific client needs and has undertaken contracts to provide bespoke image databases across the world.

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