Points of Interest: April 13, 2004

DG to Fly PA County. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania officials have approved a $500,000 deal with DigitalGlobe to take satellite photos of the county. The county was surprised to receive a bid from a satellite firm, but clearly, that's a market the company is adding to its stable of customers.

New WMS and WFS Connectors Available. Several readers noted waiting for updated connectors for ArcIMS. They are available for download. There's also a new online help resource.

Corner Jumping Illegal? Corner jumping means crossing a spot where four parcels come together (share a node for those thinking topologically) to get from one parcel to the one diagonally across from it. A hunter in Wyoming did just that last fall to get from one parcel of public land to another. He first carefully found a surveyor's stake using his GPS receiver. But, he was approached by a landowner and Game and Fish representative who informed him that his move was illegal. A circuit court judge deemed the hunter not guilty of trespass, though Wyoming law does state that owners of land have rights above the land, too. Here is Massachusetts the Supreme Court Supreme Court ruled that there is "no place in the modern world" for the old doctrine that "he who owns the soil owns upward unto heaven." Careful where you step!

More on Mogi. Wired reports on the hot location-based collecting game Mogi. Paul Baron, an avid player in Tokyo, where the game is hot sees it growing to include "cross-continent missions, team missions, missions or quests spanning days (and) encouraging different cultures to collaborate." There's an interesting list of related games here. I have to say that while Mogi does have a group dynamic that geocaching does not, it shares many of the same qualities.

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