Points of Interest: August 19, 2004

The Latest on MapInfo Pro. Expect MapInfo Professional 7.8 in September 2004. In November 2004, the company will begin private and public Alpha and Beta programs for the .NET line. V7.8 will include enhanced data access, connectivity, support of OGC standards, data creation tools, display and processing capabilities, and layout and publishing capabilities.

Microsoft Loses Money and More Due to Geography Errors. According to The Guardian Microsoft employees have been arrested and the company has lost millions due to errors related to basic mapping and the use of offense language in its products. When a territory was not shown as part of India, that country banned Windows 95. More recently a game included phrases from the Koran, prompting the Saudi Arabian government to make a formal protest. The game was withdrawn, worldwide.

Moblogging with MapPoint. A reader recently asked about an automated solution for using a GPS-enable camera phone for capturing data for emergency response situations. Neither I, nor readers came up with a simple solution. But, Guy Kewney, writing at vnunet, describes a demo of MapPoint that sounds pretty cool. It's basically a mobile blogging solution using the Microsoft service, but it could be very simple to use.

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