Points of Interest: January 25, 2005

Gizmondo and MapInfo. In what I guess is a bit deal Gizmondo Europe Ltd., subsidiary of Jacksonville, Florida-based Tiger Telematics Inc. (once Floor D�cor!) selected MapInfo Envinsa location services platform "to provide core functionality for a range of location services for Gizmondo, the much anticipated and award-winning mobile, multi-entertainment device for 2005." Gizmondo is currently available in the UK and due in the US and Europe in the spring. Says the press release, "The initial services offer will fall into two categories: added value services for the end user -- such as 'where am I?' and 'find the nearest' -- and services that enhance personal safety, such as tracking and panic button features." I for one have always thought the GPS in the device was a gimmick. Until it's used in gaming, I think it will remain so.

Motley Fool on MapInfo. I can't say I've ever read about a GIS company on the Motley Fool site, but there's a first time for everything. After chiding the company for noting a high percentage increase in net income and operating income from the last quarter (where it was about 0), David Meier goes on to praise what the company does and suggest it's a potentially good value investment. He also makes it clear the market was not fooled by the headlines of the growth; shares settled back nicely after the hype of the early in the day announcement.

One More Tsunami Web Map Server. Cornell has put up a Web map server with data on Sri Lanka. This website includes data collected immediately after the event by scientists at the International Water Resources Institute, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The site is specifically geared to GIS pros and data downloads are available. The site includes damage photographs. There's no indication of the technology behind the website, but since it involves Cornell senior research associate Arthur Lembo Jr., I'm guessing Manifold. (Note to Art: Update that copyright notice to 2005!)

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