Accurate Dissertation Writing Instructions for Postgraduates

Writing a Ph.D. or Masters dissertation is a massive undertaking and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A Ph.D. task feels like running a marathon for 3-4 years on the same topic while a Masters one feels like running a 100 meters race. However, the approach used to tackle these tasks is very similar. We will discuss different aspects of assignment writing to help you run your particular race- be it a marathon or sprint.

The structure

All postgraduate thesis are usually unique, but there are two main structures that the postgraduate paper can follow. One possibility Ph.D. students can follow is structuring their dissertation as a journal article series that can be provided for publication in any professional journal in the field. This structure can spare you from separately writing the assignment and articles for publication. This structure is relatively unconventional and should be discussed with the supervisor before choosing this method. A more conservative way of structuring your work would be writing it in a book form with chapters included.

Time to write

The right time to write depends on the duration of the course and the scope of the project. Sometimes the research project can be relatively short, and you might not write much before completing the project. In other cases, especially when doing a Ph.D., the project can be long, and you will have to keep writing the assignment while doing your research. Despite all this, consider writing several sections as early as you can.

How not to plagiarize

Plagiarism can cost you the postgraduate degree, so you need to know how to avoid it before you begin to write. Often students plagiarize unintentionally. This can happen because of copy pasting certain sections of an article they cited rather than simply rephrasing them. If you have to present some information that isn’t your own, consider mentioning the source. Also, do no write the statement as it is in the source.


Different universities provide different guidelines on formatting. So, make sure that you read the guidelines before you can submit the work to avoid being penalized. Read the university guidelines before you actually begin your assignment so that you don’t waste time changing the format later on. The formatting guidelines do not necessarily provide an appealing paper. A nice looking dissertation can give the examiner a reading experience that’s more tiring.