Useful Information On Dissertation Paper Format

Your dissertation is a very important part of your academic career. Depending on the college you are attending and your level of study your thesis accounts for up to 50 percent of your final grade. Therefore, it is essential that it is written to the best of your ability. When it comes to writing a good dissertation, planning is essential and you should invest a lot of time in this stage. When you have a full understanding of how you are going to structure your project it makes it a lot easier to write. Regardless of whether you are using the mla dissertation format or the apa dissertation format, the structure is the same.

  • Introduction: The introduction should include an explanation of why you are writing your dissertation, your thesis statement and how you intend on solving the problem. You should also provide an explanation of any technical terms you are going to use throughout the project. The introduction should also detail any assumptions and expectations that you may have made.
  • Literature review: Whatever topic you choose to base your dissertation on there is going to have been some previous literature written on the subject. You will need to discuss the literature you have reviewed and how it relates to what you have chosen to study. You should also mention the theoretical concepts you plan on implementing throughout the project.
  • Methodology: What research methods did you use for the project? Quantitative or qualitative. Did you give out questionnaires or conduct face to face interviews. These are all things you will need to discuss in the methodology chapter.
  • Findings: Here you will discuss the results of your research. How did they support or disprove your thesis statement. You should go into great detail at this stage.
  • Conclusion: This is the last chapter of your dissertation, in this section you will need to summarize the entire project, as well as providing a brief description of your results. This is an opportunity to mention how your research can contribute to the academic community. If you experienced any problems while writing your thesis that you were unable to solve you can mention this here as a recommendation for further study. The conclusion is your final attempt to convince the reader to agree with your argument. You should also make sure that you don’t include any new information here because it will only confuse your audience.