Basic tips for composing a dissertation structure

There is a set format to writing a dissertation, outside of all the research and analyzing your results if you follow the basic guidelines you are guaranteed to succeed. The majority of thesis are made up of five chapters. Here is a great dissertation structure sample.

  • Introduction:
    Your introduction should include an explanation of the purpose of your dissertation. You will need to describe what your research is about, how you plan on conducting your research and how it is going to affect the academic community. This section is very important because it sets the tone for the review board.
  • Literature review:
    Prior to conducting your research you are going to have to do a lot of reading in the area that you are studying. In this section you will talk about the previous research that has been conducted on your topic and how it relates to what you are choosing to do now.
  • Methodology:
    This is where you will discuss how you carried out your research. Was it quantitative or qualitative? Did you use interviews or questionnaires?
  • The results:
    Your results are either going to confirm or disagree with your thesis statement, you will record this information in this section.
  • Develop your argument:
    In this section, you will expand on your research and go into detail about what you have discovered. You will talk about the theoretical concepts from previous research and how it relates to your study.
  • Conclusion:
    The conclusion is just as important as the introduction, you will bring all the points of your argument together in this section. This is your last attempt to convince your audience that your argument is valid. It is essential that you don’t include any new information in this section because you don’t want to confuse the reader.

Depending on the college that you attend, your dissertation accounts for up to 50 percent of your final grade and so it is important that you do a good job because you wont be able to make it up on your final exam. All it takes to be successful is discipline and hard work.