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GDT Conflation Technology

GDT Conflation Technology

GDT (reprinted with permission from their 1999 Newsletter)

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Accurate Landbase Plus Full Address Intelligence

With the introduction of advanced database conflation technologies, GDT brings a new dimension of business intelligence to its customers. Now utilities with major investments in proprietary landbases can benefit from GDT's wealth of attribute information, superior positional accuracy, and cost-effective data management procedures - all without abandoning their existing resources.

Database conflation at GDT is a technician-monitored software operation that imports information from one database into another. The operation is designed to automatically recognize important features in the source database, correlate them with features in the target, precisely overlay points and lines, reposition vectors, and add attribute information. Nearby elements are moved automatically while their relative positions are preserved.

GDT is able to achieve an excellent level of congruence between the source and target datasets. A pilot project with Florida Power and Light [see related story] resulted in a dataset with 3 meter accuracy. In subsequent conflation processes, segments representing the same geography were conflated with an accuracy well under 0.3 meters.

Leveraging Your Landbase

Conflation technology allows GDT to respond to a variety of scenarios. For example, a positionally accurate landbase can be conflated with GDT's street data to provide a spatially accurate street network with full address intelligence - a resource valuable enterprise-wide for operational, marketing, and strategic activities.

Or GDT can work with you to migrate existing facilities information to a GDT-centerline, permitting utilities to make use of GDT's preeminent database management capabilities. Benefits include simplified updating cycles, reduced overhead, and access to up-to-date data from a variety of trustworthy sources.

Let GDT Evaluate Your Data

GDT has assembled a team of spatial data analysts, engineers, and digital mapping technicians dedicated to conflation projects. Clients include major utilities, municipal governments, and other customers who maintain accurate spatial datasets.

GDT is ready to work with you to provide accurate spatial data and, simultaneously, to improve your operational efficiency.


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