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Internet Mapping

  1. Web Mapping Hits Warp Speed on the World Wide Web! - Fred Limp, GeoWorld, Sept 1999, state of the technology, with many example sites
  2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to New Web Mapping Technologies - Ron Lake, GeoWorld, Jan 2001
  3. Advanced Internet Map Server Techniques:  Designing Intuitive Websites for a Non-technical User Base - Jonathan Lowe, thoughts on the crucial aspect of interface development
  4. Geofocus: Web Mapping: To Plug In or Not to Plug In? - GeoEurope, Dec 1999, issues surrounding plug-ins
  5. World Wide Web Mapping and GIS: An Application for Public Participation - John Krygier, Web mapping for the community
  6. Taking GIS Online - Arnie Williams, Cadence, April 2000, highlights main players

  7. Internet GIS and Its Applications in Transportation - Zhong-Ren Peng, Ph.D. and Edward A. Beimborn, Ph.D., TR News, Apr 1998, nice introduction to basic issues

  8. The Internet Dominates--Even in GIS - JD Wilson, GeoWorld, Feb 2000, breaking down the marketplace 

  9. What's the Right Way to "Web Map" Data? - Eric Strand, GeoWorld, Dec 1998, live vs. pre-published solutions

  10. Compare Interactive Mapping Sites - InterroMap, of Australia presents this site by site review



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