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Supply Chain

  1. Blending OR/MS, judgement, and GIS: restructuring P&G's supply chain - so far as I can tell this is a classic referenced by many scholars, Jeffrey D. Camm et. al., INTERFACES 27:1 Jan-Feb 1997, (wow, published by Penn State's Smeal Business School!)
  2. Strengthening the Chain - on integrating GIS and the supply chain, Regina Benveniste and Munir Morad, GEOEurope, Oct 2001
  3. Integrating CAD, FM and GIS into the Supply Chain - by Arnie Williams, CADENCE April 2000
  4. Supply Chain Managemnt (Overview) - Lisa H. Harrington, Industry Week, Jan 18, 1999
  5. Supply Chain Optimization - Adding Value to Facilities Management through Operational Effectiveness - Paul Rogers, World Workplace 2000 Conference
  6. InfoCHAIN - Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  7. Logistics/Supply Chain - from
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