2007 January 11

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Editor's Introduction

This week I report on two developments in the world of remote sensing, profile an aquatic and fisheries biologist who spends most of her time using GIS, and bring you a first, small batch of answers to my annual industry survey; plus two small corrections.


Microsoft Signs Deal with GlobeXplorer, then DigitalGlobe Buys It

This week, there were two major announcements in the world of remote sensing:

  • Microsoft announced that it will begin to update its Virtual Earth online mapping platform with more than 400,000 square miles of new aerial imagery of the United States under an agreement with GlobeXplorer, a provider of aerial and satellite images. The imagery is supplied by AirPhotoUSA and distributed by GlobeXplorer under a long-standing agreement between the two companies. Virtual Earth powers Microsoft's Live Search Maps service. Microsoft and GlobeXplorer plan to integrate the new imagery into Virtual Earth over the next several months.
  • DigitalGlobe announced its acquisition of GlobeXplorer from Stewart REI Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp., thereby combining the digital libraries of DigitalGlobe, GlobeXplorer, and AirPhotoUSA. It also provides an integrated Web-based platform that allows customers to search for and download imagery. Prior to the acquisition, GlobeXplorer served as one of several resellers of DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery.

One interesting aspect of these two announcements is that DigitalGlobe supplies satellite imagery and aerial photography to Virtual Earth's rival, Google Earth—while DigitalGlobe's rival, GeoEye, provides satellite imagery to Virtual Earth! To help keep these relationships straight, see the table below.

Company History CEO Source for Satellite Launch Operat. life Image type Res. Swath width Revisit time
at nadir
GeoEye ORBIMAGE bought Space Imaging in 2006 January and re-branded to GeoEye Matthew M. O'Connell Microsoft Virtual Earth IKONOS 1999 Sept. > 8.5 yrs Panchromatic
.82 m
3.2 m
11.3 km 3 dys at 1 m res.
OrbView-2 1997 Aug. > 12 yrs Multispectral 1.13 km 2,800 km 1 dy
OrbView-3 2003 June > 7 yrs Panchromatic
1 m
4 m
8 km < 3 dys
GEOEYE-1 2007 Feb.? > 10 yrs Panchromatic
.41 m
1.64 m
15.2 km < 3 dys
DigitalGlobe Founded in 1992 by GIS and mapping users Jill Smith Google Earth QuickBird 2001 Oct. Panchromatic
.6 m
2.4 m
16.5 km 3-7 dys at .6 m res.
WorldView 1 2007 June?   Panchromatic .5 m   1 dy at <1 m res.
WorldView 2 Late 2008?   Panchromatic
.5 m
1.8 m

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Using GIS to Guide Habitat Restoration

Land management is an area of public policy for which GIS is particularly useful, as a decision support system. In addition to giving researchers a convenient way to store data and powerful tools to analyze it, GIS also allows them to generate colorful maps that convey their findings to decision-makers and the public much better than narrative reports and tables. Often, the biggest challenges that researchers face when using GIS this way are gaps in the existing data and insufficient money for data collection. When acting as advisors in a public policy process, researchers also have to be mindful of the goals and priorities of the political body that is funding their work.

I recently discussed this use of GIS with Darlene Siegel, an aquatic and fisheries biologist on the staff of Tetra Tech, Inc., a consulting firm in Portland, Oregon.

Aquatic and fisheries biologist Darlene Siegel uses GIS to identify opportunities for restoring ecosystems.

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Geospatial Industry Survey

Here's a first, small batch of responses to my industry survey questions. I will have many more next week. Please send me yours!

Respondent Job Title Company
Tim Ormsby Educational Specailist ESRI
Bibiana McHugh IT Manager of GIS & Location-Based Service TriMET
Anthony Miles Business Analyst Northpower, Ltd.
Chad Minteer Technical Service Manager Electronic Data Solutions

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Department of Corrections

In last week's profile of Erin Aigner, I forgot to spell out UO: it stands for University of Oregon; also KML should have been KMZ.

News Briefs

Please note: I have culled the following news items from press releases and have not independently verified them.


    1. Intergraph Corporation and Sanborn, a geospatial company, have announced an agreement for the procurement of four Intergraph Z/I Imaging DMC Digital Mapping Cameras and end-to-end processing capabilities for all Sanborn aerial mapping locations. Read more…

    2. GDC, a UK GIS provider, has won a contract to supply Northgate Information Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to the public services and utilities markets, with its full GeoPlatform suite. Read more…

    3. Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI), has installed its AccuGlobe E9-1-1 Dispatch and Mobile mapping software in the Englewood Police Department. Read more…

    4. MapInfo Corporation, a provider of location intelligence solutions, and The Rochester Group (TRG), a business process consulting and software application development company, have announced a strategic alliance to deliver enhanced data integration, data management, and custom software for location intelligence solutions across the communications industry. Read more…


    1. DMTI Spatial (DMTI), a provider of location intelligence solutions, has introduced a new service offering to accelerate their customer's "Time to Value" with Location Intelligence data solutions. Read more…

    2. Corbley Communications Inc. has expanded its Small Business Development Program to include additional marketing communications services. Corbley Communications, a public relations and marketing services firm with 14 years of experience in the geospatial industry, launched the program in 2005 to assist small geospatial companies in promoting their businesses through professional communications campaigns. Read more…

    3. Avineon, Inc., a provider of IT, geospatial, engineering, and program management services, has formed a formal Business Process Management (BPM) practice group to focus on the planning, implementation, and support of BPM methodology and technology. Read more…

    4. MultiVision USA has unveiled its new MultiVision 3D Plus oblique imagery solution at the ESRI Federal User Conference in Washington, D.C. Read more…

    5. DMTI Spatial has launched a new website focused on providing customers with the information and insight they need to help them accelerate strategic and operational success. Read more…

    6. Matrox Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, has launched the DualHead2Go Digital Edition featuring digital outputs. Read more…


    1. Conference organizers of GeoWeb 2007 have issued a Call for Papers. GeoWeb 2007 will again take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from July 23rd to the 27th. Read more…

    2. For more than 10 years the AGI Conference and Exhibition has been the centrepiece of the GI professional's year. As the usage of GIS has spread through Central and Local Government to Utilities, Infrastructure, Insurance, Marketing, Retail and broader Business Intelligence, the conference has grown to the largest GI event in the UK. Read more…


    1. Aaron Weston, CMS, Cadastral Mapping Supervisor for the James W. Sewall Company, in Old Town, ME, was recently awarded the Cadastral Mapping Specialist (CMS) designation by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). Read more…

  5. OTHER

    1. Last month, GIS and Information Technology departments across the United States participated in the third annual Freeance Applications Awards Contest. Read more…

    2. Intergraph Corporation has announced the call for nominations for the 2007 Carl Pulfrich Award. Read more…

    3. Edgetech America, Inc. has filed for a U.S. patent for, and reserved international filling rights to, a spatially-smart GIS map spell checking and correction system. Read more…

    4. The City of Dover, Delaware, now deploys a groundbreaking mobile GIS application that helps provide optimized emergency management and response capabilities. Read more…

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