2007 October 4

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Editor's Introduction

This week, I report on Autodesk's decision to release the source code for CS-Map to the open source community, First American's purchase of Proxix Solutions, and Minecode's release of a stand-alone program to post-process LiDAR data. Plus, 21 press releases.

Matteo Luccio

Autodesk Donates Coordinate System Software to Open Source

Last Thursday, at the annual Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Autodesk announced that it will donate to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) the source code for CS-Map, which consists of a coordinate system library and a set of projections.

CS-Map was developed by Mentor Software, which Autodesk recently acquired. Its founder and principal, Norm Olsen, who created and supported the technology, will join Autodesk as a senior software engineer. This donation, the company said, will enable all open source geospatial projects to support the projections and transformations necessary to support more than 3,000 coordinate systems worldwide. According to Autodesk, "this donation will help to accelerate innovation for the larger geospatial community through faster development cycles and lower costs."

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First American Buys Proxix Solutions

In February, First American Corporation, one of the largest providers of business information, acquired CoreLogic Systems, a provider of mortgage risk assessment and fraud prevention solutions. In

April, it began selling location data to external partners. This week, First American acquired Proxix Solutions, a geospatial company that combines location intelligence with enterprise solutions to produce geospatial solutions, and will merge it into its new First American Spatial Solutions (FASS) division, based in Austin, Texas. FASS will use property location information and analytics to develop solutions for insurance, financial services, the public sector and other markets. It is led by Scott Little, Executive Vice President, and Paul Wray, President, First American-Proxix Solutions.

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Minecode Releases Stand-Alone LiDAR Software

Last week, Minecode Corporation, a provider of software and product development solutions, released LiDAR-M version 3.2, a stand-alone LiDAR data processing software developed on Microsoft .NET technology. LiDAR software is used for displaying, viewing, editing, and processing LiDAR files. According to the company, LiDAR-M is extensively used in markets such as energy, engineering, utility, surveying, and municipal governments.

LiDAR, which stands for "Light Detection and Ranging," is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered pulses of laser light to determine the range and other properties of distant targets. LiDAR-M is used to analyze this data and then process it into industry-standard file formats, such as LAS, BIN, and DXF.

LiDAR-M allows users to observe cloud points in different cross-sectional views, classify data points automatically and manually, "zoom" and "pan" images, and input/output data files in multiple formats. It also supports the mapping functionalities of CAD software.

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News Briefs

Please note: I have neither edited nor verified the content of these press releases.


    1. Burbank Water & Power Integrates Telvent Miner & Miner's Responder OMS with OASyS SCADA

    2. eSpatial Announces Significant U.S. Deals In Federal Government and Commercial Sectors

    3. Timmons Group Partners With ESRI on GIS for Public Works Seminar Series

    4. Applied Geographics to Provide Statewide GIS Strategic Planning Support for New York State

    5. InMaps Automated Driving Survey Saves 30 Staff-Hours per Month at UGI Penn Natural Gas

    6. SunGard Interfaces OSSI Dispatch System with MultiVision USA Oblique Imagery

    7. Ann Arbor, Michigan, Saves Time and Money Using Cityworks

    8. CRH Subsidiary Automates Field Service Operations With Tensing Field Vision

    9. DLR and Infoterra Use DIMS-EO for the Management of High-Resolution Radar Data


    1. GeoSpatial Experts Introduces ArcPad Edition of GPS-Photo Link Software

    2. Tri-Global Technologies to Demo MobileStaker 3.0 Utility Staking Tool at ESRI Electric & Gas User Group Meeting


    1. URISA Accepting Submissions for Caribbean GIS Conference

    2. Merrick & Company Announces Support of Remote Sensing Research At RIT

    3. ACM International Symposium on Advances in GIS

    4. GeoAnalytics' Carol Roffer to Speak At South Florida GIS Expo


    1. NVision Staffs Up to Serve Clients Using ArcServer 9.2 and Oracle

    2. GIS Analyst Earns GISP Certification

  5. OTHER

    1. Capital Regional District Receives Award For Their Enterprise GIS and Web Mapping Applications

    2. PhillyHistory Mobile Uses GIS to Guide Virtual Tours of Philadelphia's Past

    3. GOcité Partners Receive Award For Corporate Municipal GIS

    4. MAPPS Praises House Passage of FIRM Act

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