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UK High Court Rules Against Getmapping plc's Interim Injunction

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 � Ordnance Survey

This statement comes from Ordnance Survey:

Ordnance Survey is pleased to announce that the High Court has this morning ruled in its favour in injunction proceedings launched by Getmapping plc in relation to Ordnance Survey's development of an imagery layer as one of the layers within OS MasterMap. The Court, commenting on the weakness of Getmapping's case, refused to grant Getmapping the injunctions it was seeking against Ordnance Survey and awarded that the costs of the hearing be paid by Getmapping.

These were proceedings for an interim injunction only, pending a full trial. The case therefore continues, but Getmapping has (since the hearing 10 days ago) confirmed that it is dropping claims for breach of confidence, that were the subject of particular criticism by the Court. Getmapping has also abandoned any attempt to prevent Ordnance Survey marketing its own imagery layer. The remaining claims will be vigorously contested.

The result enables Ordnance Survey to continue with the development of its imagery layer and it hopes to have the first images available to customers later in the year. Ordnance Survey is populating the imagery layer through a tendering process with a number of commercial partners. Ordnance Survey is still in negotiations with Getmapping under the tendering process to provide imagery which is in line with Ordnance Survey's specifications.

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