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Microsoft Unveils Updated MSN MapPoint

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Redmond, WA, July 5, 2002 - Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its online mapping solution, MSN MapPoint.

MSN MapPoint version 2.0 now includes the following new features, delivering a more useful MSN experience:

New map data. MSN MapPoint has updated map data for the globe.

Expanded search ability. MSN MapPoint now includes the ability to search for addresses in Canada and 11 Western European countries in addition to the United States.


Save maps and directions to a Pocket PC

Route highlighting. MSN MapPoint now highlights routes on maps with driving directions.

Turn-by-turn map with driving directions. MSN MapPoint now gives you a turn-by-turn map with driving directions to better visualize your journey.

Fine-tuned user interface. The MSN MapPoint user interface was refined based on usability tests and user feedback.

Global coverage. MSN MapPoint can find addresses in the United States and 12 additional countries; provide driving directions for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe; and locate cities and places worldwide.

Outlook integration. The Outlook(R) Contacts Display Map of Address feature links directly to MSN MapPoint.

MSN MapPoint is standardized on the Microsoft(R) .NET Platform to provide seamless map updates delivered regularly and the ability to continuously innovate features.

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