2007 May 3rd

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Editor's Introduction

This week I report on a new source of location data and bring you the highlights of the Bentley user conference. Plus, a handful of press releases.

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Matteo Luccio

First American Begins to Sell Location Data

While companies like Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ have long been in the business of collecting location data solely for the purpose of selling it, on April 16, First American, a company that has long been collecting location data for internal use, began selling it to select external partners. It aims to collect data for most of the United States by the end of next year.

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Bentley Expands Geospatial Capabilities

Bentley Systems, Incorporated is expanding its software's geospatial capabilities and integrating them more deeply into its MicroStation platform. This was the key geospatial news this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as about 2,000 users of Bentley software gathered to hear keynote addresses by the company's executives, attend technical presentations and panel discussions, participate in hands-on demonstrations, and network at several parties and celebrations. Among the participants was a large contingent of people from India, where Bentley has one of its seven major geospatial development centers, in Mumbai. The other six are in Leimen, Germany; Quebec, Canada (where Camateros is based); and, in the United States, in Watertown, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, Huntsville, Alabama, and Austin, Texas.

Bentley's next major release, due out next year under the name Athens, will include a feature that Bentley calls geo-coordination: essentially, it consists of support for projection on-the-fly in MicroStation, ProjectWise, and vertical solutions. Bentley is replacing Bentley Navigator with Projectwise Navigator and now "deprecates" MicroStation Geographics, which it launched in 1995. "Geographics was Bentley's entry into spatial," said Styli Camateros, Vice President, Civil & Geospatial Products. "We realized that it didn't have a core purpose. It was a hodge-podge of a thousand things. It was a tool box and a bunch of, frankly, experimental stuff." In short, it was not a polished end-user product. In 2004, Camateros explained, Bentley began to develop Geographics' replacement, which became Bentley Map, an end-user tool, and the MicroStation Geospatial Extension, a development platform. New versions of both are due out in August.

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News Briefs

Please note: I have neither edited nor verified the content of these press releases.


    1. Delorme Xmap Gis Software Chosen By Idaho Fish And Game Department As Key Wildlife Management Tool

    2. Homeland Security Seminar Adopts GPS-Photo Link Software to Teach Critical Infrastructure Protection

    3. 3Dconnexion Navigation Devices Now Supported By Microsoft's Live Search Maps Offering

    4. Indonesian Government Partners With DigitalGlobe to Visually Identify Taxable Property


    1. Core Production Database Version 2.5 Now Available

    2. GeoSage Releases Spectral Transformer B742B321 - Easily Making Natural-color, 14.25m-resolution Imagery from False-Color Landsat Bands 7/4/2 in GeoCover Series


    1. Web Seminar Demonstrates the Advantages of Using ArcGIS Image Server 9.2 ESRI's Server-Based Software Manages, Processes, and Distributes File-Based Imagery Quickly

    2. 'Mapping Illinois Communities' Workshop Provides Introduction to GIS and Community Analysis


    1. Networks In Motion Names David Shimoni Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

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